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Black Bears & New Jersey – What to Know

It’s spring, so animals are taking their cue and getting jiggy with it. Running, scampering, flitting, and floating from here to there and back again, because the temperature is rising, flowers are blooming, fruits and nuts are more abundant. And all the tiny creatures whether living in the woods, or under the shed in your backyard, are there for it.


Including, bears. Black bears.


Some facts about Black Bears here in New Jersey:

•They’re the largest in the state

•Their numbers have been increasing and expanding in range since the ‘80’s

 A bear that makes a popping sound with its jaw, swats the ground or makes huffing sounds, is telling you you’re too close. (See below for what to do next.)


What to do if you see a bear:

•Make sure the bear has an escape route

•Slowly back away (do not turn and run)

•Make yourself look bigger and taller

•Make loud noises – yell, clap, bang objects together

•If the bear fake charges you, stand your ground


According to the New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection black bear attacks are extremely rare, but if it does happen, fight back.

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