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Interior Colors That Sell (2020)

Let me start by saying a fresh coat of paint isn’t going to work miracles. If your home is overpriced, or there are issues that you’re obviously not disclosing, the odds are not in your favor - even if you do pick the perfect shade.

That said, if you’re house just needs a little freshening-up, here are some colors to keep in mind. While grey is always a nice choice, as of summer 2020, trends are leaning towards earth tones. Earthy, tranquil shades are where it’s at. (Tranquil sounds lovely right about now.)

Pale Pinks:

Example - Benjamin Moore: First Light 2102-70 (top right)


Example - Sherwin-Williams: Cavern Clay SW 7701 (bottom left)


Example - Valspar: Winter Calm 4001-1B (top right)

Soothing Greens:

Example - Behr: Back to Nature S340-4 (bottom left)

Pale Grey Blue:

Example - Valspar: Grey Brook 5001-1B (bottom left)

Deep Blues:

Example - PPG: Chinese Porcelain PPG1160-6 (middle right)

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