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ABC(C)’s of a Great Listing Agent

Advertising. An agent that knows their stuff will present your home as only your home can be presented. Illustrating all of the things that makes your home unique. And they’ll do this on the best platforms (social media, online ads, TV ads, etc) to reach the audience that’s right for your home. Not all audiences are right for all properties.


You want an agent that can breakdown what your property is worth. They’ll use online tools to see comparable home sales, but a good agent will also know that those online tools can’t tell you everything. Priced too high, and your home will likely sit. Priced too low, and you lose out.


Okay, the house is priced right and the offers are pouring in. Is your agent comfortable negotiating, not just the price, but other possible contingencies - like repairs and timing?


Everyone’s accepted the conditions. You’ve signed an agreement. You’ve made it through the three-day attorney review period. Now, all t’s must be crossed, all i’s must be dotted. It’s about the details and making sure the process keeps moving. Your agent should be leading the way until all pens are down and the keys have passed hands.

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