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Parks for kids!

Want to get the kids outside for some non-device time and fresh air? Check out these South Jersey spots. We haven’t been to all of them, but the ones that we haven’t been to (yet) were recommended many times by various parents! Enjoy!

Palmyra, NJ

This bird sanctuary has lots of great wildlife to see. When open, there are picnic tables and a playground. You can walk along the river and take in the fantastic views. There is a peregrine falcon nesting box on the bridge, and a web camera shows nest activity on monitors inside the visitor center. The birds are present for most of the year. There are also beavers in, you guessed it, Beaver Pond, you just may need a bit of patience.

Eastampton, NJ

Smithville was a small mill and grew into a major industrial plant with hundreds of workers from the 1860s to the 1920s. Now it’s a 312-acre park with all sorts of habitats and terrain. There’s forests, meadows, freshwater streams and wetlands, creek shoreline and a 22-acre lake.

Delran, NJ Amico Island Park is a 55-acre peninsula with beautiful river vistas and wildlife observation areas. Over 150 species of birds, 14 species of reptiles and amphibians, 29 species of butterflies, and 7 species of mammals can be seen throughout the year. While hiking the trails, visitors are likely to see white-tailed deer, cottontail rabbits, hawks and eagles soaring over, and great blue herons. There’s a small island in Dredge Harbor (visible from Amico’s South Overlooks) is an active great blue heron rookery, with 100 nesting herons every March-June.

Hamilton, NJ

Want to expose the kids to some are, while they stretch their legs? Here they have almost 300 modern sculptures, on over 42 very beautiful acres. And when the galleries are open, they have temporary exhibitions inside too.

Medford, NJ

Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge has 171 acres of protected “Green Acres” Pinelands habitat including a pine/oak uplands forest and cedar swamp. Cedar Run features about 3 miles of trails where you can taking a leisurely strolls. And do not forget to stop at the Wildlife Housing Area. They have owls, eagles, vultures, raccoons, turtles and more! These animals are unreleasable because of various injuries (they wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild - but they seem quite happy here.)

Galloway, NJ

The Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge protects over 47,000 acres for migratory birds. It’s in one of the Atlantic Flyway’s most active flight paths, so it’s both a stopping point for migrating birds and a seasonal home for others. Take a walk on on of the many trails and keep an eye out for white tail deer, wild turkeys, and squirrels. Near the water watch for muskrats, otters and minks!

National Park, NJ

This is a great place to walk along the river and take in some history. It has over a mile in walking trails and a terrific view of the Delaware river as well as an historic battlefield from the Revolutionary war.

Great for easy, short hikes since many of the most interesting bits are not too far from the parking lot. The trails are flexible so it’s easy to create routes of varying lengths.

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