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Why Real Estate - Transcription

 Hey, I am Nicole McGann, resident and real estate agent in south Jersey. And I just wanted to take a minute to tell you a tiny bit about myself. Uh, let's see my husband and I moved to cherry hill a little over a decade ago with two kids. And now we have three, uh, six, 10 and 12. Um, I was in advertising for a little over 20 years and I had my own small agency worked in qualitative research for a little bit. Um, in the end I was a creative director at an ad agency and it was right around then that I realized I didn't care about winning awards anymore. I didn't care about selling things like cellulite drugs or cable packages. And, uh, but I wanted to figure out what I could sell that actually mattered. And, um, I landed on houses because, uh, home home is like where you celebrate holidays and make memories and maybe make babies. And, uh, yeah, so that, that matters. At least I think it does. So, uh, now I take all of that marketing and advertising experience and I help people sell their houses and find new ones. And I would love to help you too. Reach out. Let's get you moving. 

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