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Top 5 Tips to Sell Everything at Your Yard Sale!

#1: Spread the Word

These days spreading the word is easy, thanks to the Internet and social media. Posting an event on Facebook is free. Sharing your yard sale on local Facebook groups is also free. You can create an ad that targets your neighborhood for as little as $5 thanks to Facebook Ads. For real world items, you can stop by a craft store and buy blank yard signs to put at high traffic areas around your home. If you aren’t crafty and are open to spending some money, you can have lawn signs printed professionally by a local sign store. The more you do, the more traffic you’ll have.

#2: The Price is Right

First, either put a price on everything or put a sign up for groups of things like - “All books 50 cents each.” Second, when in doubt, ask for less money. You aren’t going to get even close to what you paid for the item. If you’re hoping for more, trying selling it individually on virtual yard sales sites. Starting at 10% of the original cost is good bar.

#3: Set the Scene

Don’t just throw all of your items on your front lawn and hope passersby have the attention or interest to sort through all of it on their own. Group types of items together. Have a kitchen area. A section for kids items. Put books in boxes to go through. If you have a rack, hang clothes on hangers or fold them and put them in piles on a table. The more inviting, the more people will buy.

#4: Make the Change

Fanny packs have made a come back. Grab one and put it on. Have at least $20 in ones, $20 in fives, and a roll of quarters. Odds are as soon as it starts someone’s going to hand you a $20 bill for a 25 cent paperback - be ready.

#5: Going Going Gooooone

With 30 minutes left to your yard sale, reduce everything. I, personally, will go as low as 25 cents for every item on the lawn. Come. And. Get. It. The last thing I want to do is pack it all back up and take it in the house. Plus, enough change will turn into dollars!

*You can even have a box with “free” items that you just want someone to take off your hands.

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